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Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : 55-km From Panjim, North Goa
Coverage area : 8 Sq.Kms.
Main attractions : Sambhar and Wild boar
Best time to visit : November to March.
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Nearby excursions : On to its way, the only mosque Safa Shahouri Masjid  built by Ali Adilshah in 1560 can be seen at Ponda.
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Up in the lush foothills of the Western Ghats, Bondla is good place to see Sambhar and Wild Boar. It is smallest of the Goan Wildlife Sanctuaries. Its area is 8-sq-kms but easiest one to reach. Situated 55-km from Panaji and 38-km from Margoa, the sanctuary includes a Botanical Garden, fenced Deer Park and Zoo, which is better than most, with reasonably spacious enclosures. 

Fauna :
The hills to the southeast are populated by Monkeys, Wild Boar, Deer, Gaur, Langurs, Jackals, Pythons, and Leopards. Bondla is also another bird-watching haven like its counterparts at Chorao and Cotigao. Rangado river flows on the east of this forest and Madhel on its north. Bondla forest nest Bison, Wild Beer, Deer, Leopard, various types of serpent and birds. 
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