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Coringa Sanctuary

Location : 20-km From Kakinada And 70-km From Rajahmundry, East Godavari District.
Coverage area : 235.70-Sq-km.
Main attractions : Salt-Water Crocodiles.
Best time to visit : October to May.
Accommodation : Forest rest house at Coringa & Rajahmundry. Arrival information : 
-- By Rail : Nearest railway station is at Kakinada- 20 km.
-- By Air : Nearest Airport is at Rajahmundry. 
-- By Road : 
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Coringa Sanctuary is located near Kakinada port in East Godavari District along Bay of Bengal. It is at a distance of 20-km from Kakinada and 70-km from Rajahmundry by road. It is renowned for reptiles and the most famous ones are the salt-water crocodiles. The total area of sanctuary is part of delta of the river Godavari. It covers a total area of 235.70-sq-km and forms a part of the Godavari mangroves. It was declared as a sanctuary in July 1978 to conserve the mangrove vegetation of the estuary.

Flora :
Mangroves are a group of salt tolerant plant species, which occur in the tropical and subtropical initial estuary regions. Mangroves constitute a dynamic ecosystem with a complex association of both floral and faunal species of terrestrial and aquatic systems and the vegetation in this forest is of evergreen type.

Mangroves provide different kind of niches for a variety of animal populations required. The crowns of trees including trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits provide niches essentially, to terrestrial fauna like birds, mammals and insects. The Soil Surface of mangroves provides niche for mudskippers, crabs and molluscs. The Sanctuary has a unique distinction of having an 18-km long sand spit in the North Eastern side, where the species of olive Ridley sea turtle (endangered species) nests during January-March of every year.

Fauna :
The habitat is suitable for the salt-water crocodiles. The water in the forest supports a variety of animals. One can find animals like the Fishing Cats, Otters, Jackals, Estuarine Crocodiles, Sea Turtles and birds like Sea gulls, Pelicans, Storks, Herons, Snipes, Ducks and Flamingos. The main species of mangrove forest are Rhizophora, Avincinia, Sonneratia Aegiceros.
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