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Manas National Park

Location : 176-km From Guwahati, Assam
Coverage area : 391 sq.kms
Main attraction : Tigers
Best time to visit : November to April
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Arrival information : 
-- By rail : The nearest railhead is situated at Barpeta road.
-- By air : Manas Park is 176-kms from Guwahati. The nearest airport is Borjhar, which is situated, 5-km out of  town, and can be reached by rickshaw, auto rickshaw or airline buses.
-- By road : Manas is well connected by network of roads which connect the place with other cities and towns in  the state.
Nearby excursions : Barpeta --- Barpeta has various attractions including the famous Vaishnava monastery.  Acharya Madhabdev's statue is installed within the monastery and its Kirtan Hall is  a notable touring spot.
Nearby cities : Guwahati

Manas is situated in Assam spread over an area of 391 sq km, earlier it was known as North Kamrup, declared as a sanctuary on December 01, 1928. It was accorded the status of World Heritage Site in 1985. 

Fauna :
Manas houses 19 of India's most endangered animal populations. It has the largest population of tigers among Indian reserves. It is a home to the rare golden langur . The prominent fauna here are the rhino, wild buffaloes, elephants, gaur, swamp deer, capped langur and clouded leopard. . The main highlight of the park is the giant hornbill, two subspecies of which, the pied and grey varieties are to be found here.
It extends into the foothills of Bhutan where it is called the Royal Manas National Park.  Its wetlands are of international importance and essential for the survival of the fast-vanishing hispid hare and pygmy hog. November to March.Golden Langur, rhino, wild buffaloes, elephants, gaur, swamp deer, capped langur and clouded leopard, giant hornbill. 

Butterflies and reptiles are also found aplenty in Manas. In the river water, you can enjoy boating and fishing as well. Coloured pebbles of the Manas River are an added attraction not to be missed.
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