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Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary

 Location: 65 Kms Southwest Of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Coverage area : 115 Sq Kms.
Main attractions : The Bird Population.
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-- By rail and By air : The nearest airport and railway station are at Ahmedabad, 65 kms. away.
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Just 65 kms southwest of Ahmedabad, is the delightful bird sanctuary of Nalsarovar nestling around the Nal Lake, extending over 11,500 hectares. Established in 1969 AD, it is known to harbour over 250 species of wetland birds.

Nalsarovar sees winter migrants from the north that include rosy pelicans, Flamingos , white storks, brahminy ducks and herons. Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary is one of the best of its kind in India during the winter months, teeming with thousands of cranes, Flamingos , pelicans, ducks, storks and other birds.
The jungle cat, the jackal and the hare can also be seen here.

A pair of binoculars and a person well versed in the local bird life will surely make it one of your best outings. Visitors are ferried in small boats to experience a sunrise or sunset while gliding gently through the silent waters. Country boats of the local people are available for birdwatching on the lake.
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