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Sanjay Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary

Location : Madhya Pradesh
Coverage area: 364.59sq.km.
Main attraction: Leopard, Chinkara and more.
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Sanjay/Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary it established in 1975 under Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, Moreover, biogeographical province 4.8.4(Indus-Ganges Monsoon Forest). It spread in an area of 364.59sq.km. The sanctuary physical features are plain and undulating country and altitude ranges from 200-500m.There are Moist deciduous forest consisting mainly of sal (Shorea robusta).

Fauna :
It consist of Tiger Panthera tigris, leopard P. pardus, Indian wild dog Cuon alpinus, striped Hyaena, jackal Canis aureus, jungle cat Felis chaus, chital Axis axis, sambar Cervus unicolor, nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus, chinkara (mountain gazelle) Gazella gazella, muntjac Muntiacus muntjak, sloth bear Melursus ursinus, wild boar Sus scrofa, chevrotain Tragulus meminna and others.
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